The Dangers of Chocolate for Pets

With Easter just around the corner, and with endless other reasons to buy chocolate throughout the year, it is important to remember that dogs and other pets can react differently to this tasty treat than we do!

While rarely fatal, chocolate ingestion can still often result in significant illness for dogs. Chocolate is toxic because it contains an alkaloid called ‘Theobromine.’ Theobromine is similar in nature to caffeine and is often used medicinally as a diuretic, heart stimulant, blood vessel dilator, and smooth muscle relaxant. Theobromine can be poisonous when ingested in large amounts. Continue…

Prevent a Pet Emergency on Valentine’s Day

Valentines chocolate_iStock_000000406874_MediumEveryone knows that the top destination on Valentine’s Day is a pet emergency clinic. It’s just so romantic and cozy; you’ll want to freeze time…or NOT!

While we love seeing you and your pet, we would prefer it not be in an emergency situation! With this in mind, we offer some Valentine’s Day safety tips so you (and Cupid) can remain on track.

The Elephant in the Room

We hate to call out chocolate, but it really is the most common cause of pet poisonings on Valentine’s Day (not to mention Easter, Halloween, and Christmas!). Sure, nothing says “I love you” like decadent chocolates in a red, heart-shaped box. However, your pet is better off without these sweet treats.