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About to take your next vacation? The only downfall with taking a vacation is missing your pet. Our pet hospital goes to great lengths to ensure that your pet has both the best care and accommodations while you are away. What better way to take vacation worry-free than trusting us with boarding your pet? We know exactly what your pets need, and we have state of the art facilities to meet those needs for both dogs and cats when you’re away.

We are happy to serve clients across Houston, TX including the commmunities of Oak Forest, Timbergrove/Lazybrook, Greater Heights, Garden Oaks and Spring Branch.


Veterinary Services - Dog Kennels and Boarding - Houston, TX

The spacious climate controlled boarding suites for dogs staying at our pet clinic are designed with safety for your pet being a priority. Suites are encased with powder coated aluminum over a hand laid epoxy floor. All canine boarding suites also include a large comfortable bed for your pet to relax while listening to the comforting music being played throughout the entire pet boarding area. Every dog that stays with us is walked at least two times daily in our large back yard. Your pet is guaranteed to enjoy their stay with us!


Veterinary Services - Feline Boarding - Houston, TX Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital is a Cat-Friendly Practice. We offer a state of the art feline facility which is completely segregated from the rest of the animal hospital. This allows your cat time to relax and enjoy their stay without the stress and disruption of hearing dogs barking. We climate control the air in the feline boarding area to ensure the best vacation experience for your pet!


During their stay at our animal clinic, we feed our guests Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry food. This special diet allows a better transition to and from the food you normally feed at home and helps reduce gastrointestinal disruptions associated with the change in their normal routine. If your pet has a special diet that he or she needs during their stay please plan to bring it with you when your pet checks into our boarding facility. Please be sure that dry food is separated out into individual meal feedings in plastic bags. This ensures that your pet is fed exactly as they would be at home!

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We are honored to announce that our animal clinic placed first for Best Pet Boarding Facility for 2016 through the Reader’s Choice Awards. Our pet boarding facilities have become so popular and in-demand that we have restricted their access to current clients only. This allows you the best chance of having a trusted place for your pet when you travel and ensures the health and safety of the other animals boarding with your pet.

Your pet will get all the feeding, grooming, medicine (if necessary), hands-on care, and playtime he or she wants and needs during their stay at Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital. They will be begging to come back during your next vacation!

Pet Grooming

Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital provides basic and high-quality pet grooming services Houston, TX pet lovers expect.

We have pristine bathing stations in our pet clinic to make sure your pup or kitty smells wonderful and boasts a vibrant coat. When we bathe your pet, we’ll also do a nail trim, making sure to clip safely and not scare your dog or cat from getting his or her nails trimmed in the future.

Last but not least, we also perform anal gland expressions, something very important for pet health. Describing this process often seems to make our clients giggle, but your dog’s cleanliness and comfort is no laughing matter.

Make sure you contact our animal hospital about this veterinary service whenever you see your pet lick excessively or slide his or her rear on the ground. It often means the anal glands need to be expressed, and this sliding behavior can cause urinary tract infections and other complications if not treated in a timely manner.

You can trust our veterinary team to deliver the best dog and cat grooming services around!

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