Oak Forest Veterinary Hopsital

Animal Diagnostic Laboratory Testing - Veterinary Services - Houston, TX

Humans are lucky when it comes to their health care. We can use our language skills to explain the symptoms we experience. But your loving pets can’t. That’s why Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital keeps its diagnostic and lab testing veterinary services in house. We want our veterinary staff to be the ones assessing your pet’s test results.

Our advanced diagnostic equipment is used only after our veterinarian's hands-on examination does not produce a conclusive diagnosis. At that point in time, we perform complete blood count (CBC) tests, chemistries, electrolytes, and parasite and virus tests, as well as other exams completed under a microscope.

Having the test results produced in-house saves valuable time in getting the right treatment for your beloved animal.

Additionally, our animal hospital provides:

  • X-rays — These help veterinary staff diagnose problems like fractures, but X-rays are also used to see if a foreign object is inside your pet’s body. Things like cancer, heart issues, and oral health can also be diagnosed with an X-ray.
  • Ultrasound — This diagnostic tool is something most people think is used only for pregnancy. But it also helps veterinarians see the fluids around your pet’s heart or other organs in real-time.

Our veterinary staff will refer you and your pet to the appropriate and trusted third-party providers for certain diagnostics, such as endoscopy (for internal medicine issues) and electrocardiogram (for heart issues).

Don’t let your pet’s health status stay hidden from you. Call us for a diagnosis and lab work today.