Oak Forest Veterinary Hopsital

Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

Most pet owners only think about the nutrition inside the foods they give their dogs or cats when there is a health issue, like weight gain or old age. All too often, it’s the price tag we look at, and not the ingredients panel. Our veterinarians will work with you at each visit to make sure your pet is getting the right nutrition.

We have some prescription foods available, but we are not a retailer. So the food recommendations we make are the best for your pet, pure and simple. There is no sales or profit motive attached, just our veterinarians’ investment in your pet’s health.

Our pet clinic's veterinary staff will work with you and your pet to understand the following types of feeding issues:

  • Amount of food. How many calories are too many calories?
  • Type of food. He begs for bacon. Is it OK to give him some?
  • Water needs. She doesn’t seem to drink from the bowl much. What’s going on?
  • Protein vs. carbohydrates. What’s the right balance for my dog or cat?

Make sure you ask about nutrition concerns at your next visit to Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital. Your Houston, TX city dog or cat doesn’t have as many chances to let food instincts kick in as his or her rural counterpart. It’s our urban duty to make up for it.