Oak Forest Veterinary Hopsital

Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital houses a complete on-site pet pharmacy that provides both medications and pet products. Our veterinary team carefully reviews all prescriptions with you and answers any questions you may have about administration techniques. We carry many popular brands and can also special order products.

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Preventative Care Products

We offer a variety of flea, tick, and heartworm preventives, including:

  • Flea and tick products—Bravecto™, Revolution®, Frontline® Plus, and Sentinel®
  • Heartworm products—Sentinel®, Revolution®, Heartgard Plus®, and Trifexis®

Prescription Diets

As your pet ages, his or her nutritional needs change. We offer a variety of prescription diets for all life stages and offer a Royal Canin rewards program. Our prescription diets include:

  • Royal Canin®
  • Hill's Science Diets®
  • Purina Veterinary Diets®

Pet Products

Our pet pharmacy also carries a selection of over-the-counter products, including:

  • Canine and feline treats—Lite Snackers, Hill's, Pill Pockets, gluten free/hypoallergenic options
  • Dental care—toothpaste, toothbrushes, VetriScience PerioSupport, CET Chews
  • Ear care—OtiSoothe Cucumber & Melon
  • Vision supplements—OCU-GLO
  • Anxiety support—Thundershirts, Composure Treats
  • Mobility support—SynovialFlex chews, GingerLead Harness, PowerPaws socks
  • Nail covers for cats—Soft Paws
  • Hairball prevention and support—Laxatone® oral gel
  • Basket muzzles and harnesses—Gentle Leaders Head Collar, Ginger Leads Slings
  • Pet safety—B'Seen Glow light, Whistle TAGG™ GPS pet tracking ID tag

Vetsource Online Pharmacy

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Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital is happy to offer VetSource, a convenient online pharmacy for all your pets medication needs. VetSource ensures pet owners benefit from our comprehensive pharmaceutical services and home delivery of leading pet care products.

VetSource home delivery, the easy-to-use service that saves you time by delivering all your pet's needs right to your door.

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