Oak Forest Veterinary Hopsital

Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital - Houston, TX

Small Beginnings

Since 1964, our veterinarians and staff have served Houston, TX area pet owners with one mission: providing your animals with quality pet health care in order to give them the best and happiest lives possible.

Veterinary medicine has changed a lot since that time, but one thing has not; and that’s Oak Forest’s commitment to serving the pet owners from communities across Houston, TX including Timbergrove/Lazybrook, Greater Heights, Spring Branch, Garden Oaks and beyond.

Our veterinary hospital’s history is one of slow and steady growth, always staying true to our mission. Since Dr. Hallie Moore and her husband Tyler Moore purchased Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital in 2007, they’ve done their best to keep up the legacy of our beloved animal hospital.

As our current head veterinarian and practice owner, Dr. Moore didn’t exactly take the traditional route when it came to finding veterinary medicine. As a psychology major and dance minor in school, veterinary medicine wasn’t even on her radar until after graduation. But the moment she returned to school to finish those pre-requisites, she discovered she loved it.

Dr. Moore had always been fascinated by the way both people and animals moved, and after graduating, she floated around as a relief veterinarian, helping different animal hospitals... but something key was missing.

Dr. Moore wanted to have a home base. That’s what Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital quickly became.

From Founding To Found

Established in 1964 by Dr. A. L. Griffith and Dr. Wade Green, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital started as a mixed-animal veterinary clinic. Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital and the area it was founded in looks a lot different now than it did back then. Back then, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital was on the outskirts of town. Our veterinary clinic's large backyard was the site of many horse exams and even cattle exams. Our veterinary services have evolved with the town around us, and that’s just one of the many ways we’ve remained committed to providing the best and most relevant care to our local community.

When Dr. Hallie Moore purchased the animal clinic with her husband Tyler in 2007, she inherited clients who had been coming to the veterinary clinic for years, decades, and even generations, and who have remained loyal to this day.

At that point, back then, when they bought the practice, we were just a veterinary team of three. Today, we are a veterinary team of more than twenty-five.

Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital has continued to grow and evolve in many ways, and as our team grew, so did the size and scope of our practice. We’ve always looked for ways to improve, from the building and hospitality to best practices both in communicating with staff and our clients at our animal hospital.

Growth and Community

Hallie believes in community involvement on both a personal and professional level. Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital is part of the Oak Forest Homeowners Association, and we take that role very seriously. “It’s about being a good neighbor. And it’s about being a convenient resource to your neighbors,” both the Moores like to say.

Our veterinarian Hallie is also a longstanding committee member of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. It’s a way to keep her connected to veterinary medicine beyond the canine and feline world, and, she says, it’s a whole lot of Texas-flavored fun.

It’s all about being a good neighbor, and a good member of the Houston, TX community.

Over the years, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital has become a staple in the community, fully invested in our clients that feel more like extended family than repeat customers. It's safe to say that she and her practice have found their home: now it's all about helping clients feel at home with us.

Dr. Moore and the veterinary staff at Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital know the value of these life-long relationships we have with our clients. As Dr. Moore says, “I went into the business for the animals, and I stayed a veterinarian for the people... the relationships.”