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Veterinary services we offer include:

Serving Your Pet by Serving You

Veterinary Service Provider - Houston, TX

Any animal hospital can make big claims about their veterinary services, but when it comes to your pet’s health care, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital knows good service begins and ends with you and your pet. We are always motivated to provide you and your pet with the best health care possible, through a variety of veterinary services depending on their specific needs.

Our team provides a variety of veterinary services to the Oak Forest, Timbergrove/Lazybrook, Greater Heights and Garden Oaks communities including the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. From pet boarding, grooming and dental care, to lab testing and surgery, our animal hospital always considers your pet’s health needs so you can make the best decision possible.

General Wellness & Checkups

The time we have with our pets is precious. From the moment we bring them home with us to when they’ve become our best friends, they bring joy, comfort, and companionship to our lives. That’s why we promote regular wellness checks to ensure we are able to understand the unique needs of your pet. We know each pet’s health journey can vary depending on their age, lifestyle and breed, including additional factors. Our veterinarians consider these factors each and every time we see your beloved animal.

At Oak Forest, we understand that this form of preventative pet health care is one of the most important ways to keep your pet from developing serious conditions, including dental disease, heartworms, arthritis, diabetes and more. Schedule your next appointment today and we can begin your pet’s health journey together.

Pet Dental Care

Nobody likes going to the dentist, and we understand that pets are the same way. At Oak Forest, we are proud of the level of compassionate and excellent veterinary dentistry we provide and the advancements we’ve made in dental procedures over the years. Our veterinary team knows the importance of thorough dental hygiene checks; they don’t take the back seat when it comes to overall pet health care.

Our veterinary staff knows what to look for when we examine your pet’s teeth. It’s about more than just bad breath (but that’s a good first sign to look for too). With the proper care, your pet can avoid loose and diseased teeth, gum problems, and even cavities. Poor dental hygiene is often a sign of other preventative problems — let us help you take care of your pet from tooth to tail.

Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesia

Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital is proud of the exceptional veterinary surgery options we provide pets. Our veterinarians have made advances and changes over the past decades to stay on top of the most current and humane forms of anesthesia and pet surgery available. The capabilities we offer have expanded in leaps and bounds since we first opened, but you can rest easy knowing that from the needles we use for anesthesia to the technicians and veterinarians involved in the procedures, we strive to provide the most trauma-free surgery options available for your pets.

We understand that the need for veterinary surgery, planned or unplanned, can be stressful, which is why we want to include you in every step along the way. Bring your pet in for a pre-op exam today and we can walk you through what you can expect for your pet’s procedure.

Veterinary Internal Medicine

Veterinary care is about more than meets the eye and that’s why Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer exceptional internal medicine services including endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology, respiratory medicine, and urology. Every facet of your pet’s internal health is important: that’s why we consult with veterinary specialists and utilize an extensive database to ensure we’re providing your pet with the best and most up to date veterinary care.

We love our pets, but we all have to remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts. From diagnosis to treatment, our veterinarians and veterinary staff will be there to help educate you on their condition as we find the best path forward together.

Laser Therapy

Our pet hospital is proud to offer laser therapy as a solution for post-surgery recovery and a wide range of other physical and internal ailments. It’s quick, painless, and helps increase blood flow and mobility in your pet, while also helping provide pain relief. Like veterinary surgery, laser therapy can sound scary, but we’ve found it to be one of the best solutions we can provide today.

Laser therapy doesn’t leave scars, and often lasts between 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Laser therapy can be a great option for pets with arthritis, tendonitis, and other joint and bone issues. It can also be used to help your pet heal faster post-surgery. Talk to one of our veterinary team members about starting laser therapy today.

Veterinary Diagnostics and Lab Testing

Many pets instinctively hide their illnesses — unlike people, our beloved animals can’t tell us when something is wrong with them, especially when that something isn’t an obvious physical ailment. When it comes to understanding what's going on internally in your pet, like other doctors, our veterinarians often need to run diagnostic tests in order to better understand and diagnose what is going on inside of them.

This can include bloodwork, X-rays and ultrasounds depending on the symptoms your pet has exhibited. Thanks to our excellent advanced in-house veterinary equipment, we can provide those tests and often their results quickly and efficiently in order to help determine the best course of action for treatment.

Pet Dermatology and Allergy Testing

Did you know that pets could have allergies too? Along with helping look out for normal pet problems like fleas and ticks, we are always looking for any other potential problems when it comes to your pet’s coat and skin.

Itchy or patchy looking fur can be just the beginning. We want to help the topical problems, not only to provide temporary relief, but to keep them from getting worse. That’s why we have good relationships with dermatologists to help provide the best all-around care for you and your pets. On top of testing, our veterinarians also provide prescriptions to help prevent parasites and other potential issues.

Pet Boarding and Grooming

Looking for more than a pet sitter? Look no further: Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital would love to be your pet’s home-away-from-home while you’re away. Who better to look after your furry friend than your neighborhood veterinarian? We know pets; we have both canine and feline overnight, pet lodging areas, with ways to help keep each entertained, happy and healthy and away from one another for the duration of their stay.

Our animal clinic also offers pet grooming services to help keep your pet looking and smelling good. This includes a nail trim, and often anal gland expressions. If your pet's nails are getting long, or you see your pet beginning to excessively groom or rub their rear against the ground, bring them in for immediate care.

Pet Nutrition

When it comes to pet nutrition and thinking about your pet’s diet, many pet owners only really consider the pet food they choose if there’s a potential problem: like pickiness, weight gain or old age. While we do offer prescription foods, we are not here to sell pet food: you can trust that our veterinarians and our veterinary staff will only recommend food options because they make sense for your pet’s specific nutritional needs.

Our veterinary team will also help answer any questions you may have about their nutritional needs, including concerns about caloric intake, how much water they’re drinking (or not drinking) and what foods you’re allowed to share with them from your table.

Home Delivery

We understand convenience can be a deciding factor when it comes to shopping for your pet, which is why we offer home delivery through VetSource, an online pet pharmacy that ships products from our animal hospital to your home.

Whether you are looking for preventative care products like flea and tick products and heartworm products, prescription diet food, or other pet products, you can order them at our convenient online pet pharmacy, and have them brought directly to you.

Veterinary services we offer include: