iStock_000051683652_LargeInstead of better time management or pinching pennies, your pet’s New Year’s resolutions may include enjoying new smells, jumping to new heights, or simply increasing valuable snuggle time. While these are certainly worthwhile endeavors, your pet’s overall wellness may benefit from a few other resolutions as well.

The Big Picture

Have you ever wondered why we schedule your pet’s wellness visits annually (for young pets) or twice a year (for senior pets)? Many owners shrug off routine exams, but the fact remains that many health issues can be detected early and treated effectively via regular wellness exams. This proactive approach allows us greater insight into your pet’s current and future health.

Optimal pet wellness can also include parasite prevention, vaccinations, and other necessary components. If your New Year’s resolution centers on managing your pet’s weight, we can also address his or her nutritional needs. All in all, this is a terrific way to start the New Year!

Your Pet’s Skin and Coat

You might commit to a monthly massage or haircut as part of your personal betterment in the New Year, and your pet might enjoy something similar. If you’ve noticed any increase in scratching, licking, or general discomfort, the New Year is a wonderful time to get to the bottom of it. We offer allergy testing as part of pet wellness and dermatology because your pet’s happiness can hinge on the comfort of his or her skin and coat.

In addition, we are pleased to provide grooming services for our community of lovable pets. Resolve to treat your pet to regular baths, haircuts, nail trims, and even anal gland expression as part of your commitment to pet wellness.

Pet Wellness and Pearly Whites

One of the best things you can do for your pet right now is to provide regular brushing. Your pet’s dental hygiene affects more than just his or her teeth, and conditions such as periodontal disease can lead to failure of the heart, liver, or kidneys. Aside from at-home brushing three times a week, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer gentle, professional dental care for your pet. This includes cleanings, digital x-rays, and any necessary treatments or repairs.

New Ideas for a New Year

Perhaps some of these ideas have been nagging at you for months now. Luckily, the New Year provides an opportunity to take stock and make adjustments as you see fit. Pet wellness is certainly one of those resolutions, so please contact us if you have any questions regarding our recommendations.

Our team wishes you and your pet a happy, healthy, and furry New Year!