Fleas – Understanding and Knowing How to Control Them

Although fleas and other pests are a year round problem, they are especially prevalent beginning in the spring when temperatures begin to rise. After first finding fleas on your pet or in your home, a shocked response typically follows. Knowing the correct steps to take is crucial for getting fleas off your pet, and out of your home, as quickly as possible.

Controlling Fleas

There are two main elements when it comes to flea control:

  1. Eliminating fleas from your pet
  2. Controlling fleas in your environment

First, it is important that all pets in your home are on a flea preventative. Today, treating your pet for fleas has never been easier. The advances in flea products make them effective and cost efficient when compared to successive flea dipping from the past. With the many choices we have today, your veterinarian can determine the product that will be safest and most effective for the type of pet you have. Continue…

Rattlesnakes and Pets: A Dangerous Combo

The warm sun and longer days are wonderful for most of us, including our cold-blooded reptile friends who become more active during spring. It also stands to reason that we spend more time outdoors with our furry friends this time of year.

Because we live with rattlesnakes, understanding their behaviors, habitat, and other qualities can help prevent negative encounters – especially when you’re out on the trail with Spot.