Pet Dental Care – The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Angela Ellini, CVA II, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital

Why should we worry about pet dental care?

The truth is a healthy mouth is a healthy body! Studies show 85% of adult pets have some stage of dental disease. The bacteria found in dental plaque and tartar can also have harmful effects on the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. Being proactive with your pet’s oral care can make a difference in their health.

Knowing When to Take Action

It is important to be able to recognize the signs of dental disease before progression into larger, more severe problems. Pets can experience tooth and bone loss, gum inflammation, and infection which may go unnoticed because they cannot verbally tell us when something is wrong. Due to their instinct for survival, a pet will often mask their pain. Continue…

Prevent a Pet Emergency on Valentine’s Day

Valentines chocolate_iStock_000000406874_MediumEveryone knows that the top destination on Valentine’s Day is a pet emergency clinic. It’s just so romantic and cozy; you’ll want to freeze time…or NOT!

While we love seeing you and your pet, we would prefer it not be in an emergency situation! With this in mind, we offer some Valentine’s Day safety tips so you (and Cupid) can remain on track.

The Elephant in the Room

We hate to call out chocolate, but it really is the most common cause of pet poisonings on Valentine’s Day (not to mention Easter, Halloween, and Christmas!). Sure, nothing says “I love you” like decadent chocolates in a red, heart-shaped box. However, your pet is better off without these sweet treats.